POV - Examining Folders and Metada

This is an IT POV presentation on the advantages and disadvantages to using a traditional folder structure vs. a metadata approach to storing content. The POV defines both approaches, addresses commonly held concerns, provides a change management structure for implementing the recommended option, and provides a framework of guiding principles for comparing both options.

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Business Tool Type IT
Categories Presentations, White Papers
Industries Business to Business, Design, Tech
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits Full analysis of the Folder vs. Metadata topic in IT, provides comprehensive infographics in presenting both options, derives recommendations based on leading practices in Enterprise Content Management
Target User Consultants, Contractors, ECM Specialists, Application Developers, Enterprise Architects
Format ppt
About The Seller I am an Independent Management Consultant with 3 years of experience working for a Big 4 Consulting firm. I specialize in project management, business strategy, and sales pursuit documentation.

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