Equipment Purchase Assessment Tool

The Equipment Purchase Assessment Tool allows you to quickly assess the financial feasibility of acquiring a piece of equipment. Do you want to know the internal rate of return of your equipment purchase? Do you want to know when that piece of equipment will pay itself off? If so, then this is the tool for you!

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Business Tool Type Finance
Categories Project Plans, Presentations, Other, Financial Models
Industries Travel And Tourism, Tech, Retail, Restaurant, Media And Entertainment, Healthcare, Government and Non-Profit, Financial Services, Environment, Energy And Natural Resources, Education, Design, Consumer Goods, Agriculture, Advertising, Accounting
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits Allows a business or individual to quickly assess whether or not an asset purchase makes sense, generates an understanding of the true cost of owning a piece of equipment and applies to a wide variety of different equipment.
Target User Businesses or individuals looking to purchase equipment for projects, rental or other purposes
Format excel
About The Seller I am a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator and B.Comm with over 10 years experience in private equity, business valuations, accounting, strategic planning and finance.

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