Energy Trading Oversight: 10 Questions You Need to Ask

Practical guide designed to help Trading and Marketing Organizations minimize costly risks and avoid financial jeopardy. The answers to these questions will help increase your understanding of complex derivative transactions, fair value accounting, and risk-management practices and controls.

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Business Tool Type Risk Management
Categories Guides
Industries Accounting, Energy And Natural Resources, Financial Services
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits De-mystify the complex area of commodity trading, derivatives, and fair value accounting Evaluate operations by applying this laser-like diagnostic tool Scrutinize profits during positive and negative periods Create a robust risk-management policy and internal control Identify the signs of financial health and weaknesses
Target User Anybody with Trading and Marketing operations including Board of Directors, Risk Managers, Finance/Accounting
Format pdf
About The Seller I am a Chartered Accountant and senior financial expert with over 20 years in the energy industry. I have served in managerial and executive positions to oversee and advise companies on a wide range of areas including regulatory, finance/accounting, risk management, and due diligence.

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Is this a good tool for CFO's?
Yes, this can benefit CFO's as it includes areas of interest including mark to market accounting, internal controls, financial reporting, segregation of duties.