Operational Risk Management Framework

This is a great framework to address Operational Risk in an organization. It includes the legislative, industry, and organizational requirements to address Operational Risk. It also provides an approach for identifying and measuring critical processes, conducting risk assessments, identifying and implementing process improvements, and monitoring and reporting. Get Started!!!!!

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Business Tool Type Audit
Categories Presentations, Project Plans
Industries Accounting, Energy And Natural Resources
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits It provides a step-by-step approach/process for conducting Operational Audits. In addition, there are templates for process mapping and Board/management reporting. This will assist organizations in implementing improvements to processes and ensure their processes are "efficient "(process justifies the cost) and "effective" (loss mitigation and improved business process performance).
Target User Risk Management, Auditors, Accountants, Consultants
Format ppt
About The Seller I am a Chartered Accountant and senior financial expert with over 20 years in the energy industry. I have served in managerial and executive positions to oversee and advise companies on a wide range of areas including regulatory, finance/accounting, risk management, and due diligence.

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