Memo - ASC 842 - Leases

This is a comprehensive whitepaper to use as a template and starting point for your Leases assessment. The purpose of this memo is to help accountants and finance professionals who are looking to begin their ASC 842 assessments in preparation for the upcoming adoption date. If your Lease assessment is already underway, this is also a great tool to double check that you have considered everything that is needed for your specific company in a cost effective way.

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Business Tool Type Accounting
Categories White Papers
Industries Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Automotive, Banking, Business to Business, Consumer Goods, Design, Education, Energy And Natural Resources, Environment, Fashion, Financial Services, Government and Non-Profit, Healthcare, Law, Media And Entertainment, Restaurant, Retail, Tech, Travel And Tourism
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits This memo contains everything you need to effectively implement the new Lease standard. It walks you through an approach for adoption and implementation and provides examples and calculations to ensure you have proper context with the standard.
Target User Accountants, Financial Analysts, Controllers
Format doc
About The Seller I am a CPA with ten years of experience in consulting, public company, private company and Big Four accounting firm experience. I have worked in Financial Reporting, Merger's and Acquisitions, Audit and Strategic Planning.

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