Portfolio Management Using Enterprise Kanban

Looking for an interactive way to plan your next project from the Enterprise level? Want to engage your clients and executives with a visual method for project planning? This deck is for you! Portfolio Management Using Enterprise Kanban provides a comprehensive method for tracking your next project from the exploration phase all the way to delivery. This method can be leveraged using physical sticky notes on a wall-to-wall room covering or virtually. Either way, it can be used to allocate resources, plan a backlog, and pull individual units of work to completion.

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Business Tool Type IT
Categories Guides, Presentations, Templates
Industries Business to Business, Design, Tech
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits Provides a visual way to track your project, engages the entire team and the client, offers transparency for project planning, leverages leading practices in the style of Agile project management, exposes barriers or blockers that can hinder the progress of a project
Target User Consultants, Contractors, Project Managers, Agile Specialists, SCRUM Masters, Pursuit Professionals
Format ppt
About The Seller I am an Independent Management Consultant with 3 years of experience working for a Big 4 Consulting firm. I specialize in project management, business strategy, and sales pursuit documentation.

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