BOE Analytic Template - Oil and Gas

This is a tool to help analyze the monthly operations of the company. It looks specifically at your company's netback by analyzing revenue, royalties and expenses by product. Once you have input your data the template automatically graphs it making it easy for you to analyze the effects month over month. It is a great tool to include in your monthly financial process to ensure the accuracy of your numbers through a great variance analysis tool!

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Business Tool Type Accounting
Categories Financial Models, Templates
Industries Accounting, Energy And Natural Resources
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits This tool allows you to look at your data both numerically and graphically making it easy to see any variations that are out of the ordinary or that would require further explanation. It is very easy to update and add explanations to so that you can customize it to your company needs.
Target User Accountants, Financial Analysts, Controllers
Format excel
About The Seller I am a CPA with ten years of experience in consulting, public company, private company and Big Four accounting firm experience. I have worked in Financial Reporting, Merger's and Acquisitions, Audit and Strategic Planning.

There is a sample download file available.

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