Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct establishes the standards of professional and ethical conduct from a company and its employees Personnel and provides guidance on conflicts of interest, accuracy of records and reporting, compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, protection and proper uses of company assets, fair dealing, political contributions, gifts and entertainment.

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Business Tool Type Audit
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Industries Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Automotive, Banking, Business to Business, Consumer Goods, Design, Education, Energy And Natural Resources, Environment, Fashion, Financial Services, Government and Non-Profit, Healthcare, Law, Media And Entertainment
Business Type Small to Medium Companies
Benefits This is a great starting point to your Company's Code of Business Conduct. Don't reinvent the wheel!!! The benefits of a Code of Business Conduct are as follows: Provides guidance to employees in situations where the ethical course of action is not immediately obvious. Creates a climate of integrity and excellence. Minimizes costs from investigations and litigation Mitigates reputational risk
Target User Accountants, Risk Managers, Internal Audit
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About The Seller I am a Chartered Accountant and senior financial expert with over 20 years in the energy industry. I have served in managerial and executive positions to oversee and advise companies on a wide range of areas including regulatory, finance/accounting, risk management, and due diligence.

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