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As a Buyer

  1. Sign up for a free account and validate your payment method
  2. Browse for Business Tools
  3. Review the samples of the more interesting ideas and tools
  4. Purchase the Business Tool you like most
  5. Download and instantly start using your new Business Tool
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As a Seller

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Create a Business Tool listing; provide your experience and how it applies to the industry
  3. Name your Business Tool, provide a brief description, benefits, and a price
  4. Select the category and the most relevant industry to your Business Tool
  5. Upload a sample file of your Business Tool to entice buyers
  6. Upload your Business Tool file
  7. Once approved, it's listed and available for purchase
    (Business Tools containing offensive language and/or content will not be approved)


At no cost to you, your Business Tool is available to a large audience. As the seller, you retain the proceeds of each sale less an administration fee.
Monetize your creativity and work! You deserve to profit from the products of your mind and intellect.

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