Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Business Tools can I sell?

All Business Tool items must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be the owner
  • You must agree to license or sell
  • You must guarantee your work

If you have developed and own an intellectual property then you now have the ability to reach a broad marketplace and profit from your creative work. As a seller you can leverage your IP and repeatedly earn income from the products of your mind. You retain the proceeds of each sale (less an administration fee).


As a buyer, you now have access to a broad selection of professional tools, patents, and literature available for license. Whether you are looking to solve a business problem, kickstart your own project, or discover literary work, Tooluru’s listings are created by industry professionals to provide industry specific solutions. 

A Look at Our Business Tool Catalogue

Benefits to Sellers include:

extra money

Extra Money

Everyone needs extra money! tooluru is a great way to earn some extra cash in your free time

increased network

Increased Network

tooluru's buyers are a global community! Connect with your buyers to expand your rolodex

real time feedback

Realtime Feedback

This is a space to be as a creative as you want! You can prove that your way is the better one by testing the market

recurring revenue

Recurring Revenue

Having the ability to sell Business Tools again and again, allows you to make money while you sleep

Benefits to Buyers include:

access ideas

Access to Leading Ideas

Get the best tool for the job! tooluru carries tools that are made by people who actually work in the field

low cost

Low Cost

Use tooluru to get exactly what you need at an affordable cost


Accelerated Starts

No one likes to reinvent the wheel! Get an idea from tooluru and modify it for your needs


Competitive Intelligence

Do you think you have the best idea? Check it against tooluru's catalogue to see what else is available

How much is the administration fee?

When adding a new Business Tool item and determining your price, please note that the value entered is subject to the administration fees below.

tooluru has designed a sliding scale to ensure sellers retain the majority of the proceeds from each sale while allowing tooluru to pay transactional, banking and administrative costs.

Business Tool Sales PriceLicensor's Sharetooluru Administration Fee
$1 to $500 80% 20%
$501 to $2,500 85% 15%
$ 2,501 to $25,000 90% 10%
> $25,000  Contact Tooluru  

How do I price my Business Tool?

You, as developer and owner of the Business Tool, are in the best position to establish prices.

Factors to include are as follows:

  • Time and effort to develop
  • Assessment of demand by the marketplace
  • Uniqueness and complexity

How will I be paid once my Business Tool is purchased?

When your item has been purchased and payment has been confirmed by tooluru, your money will be sent to you via email money transfer within 3 business days.

Other questions and concerns

Please contact us to address any questions we have failed to include here by email. We appreciate your business and are always here to help.