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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

tooluru helps business people share their creative solutions to the similar challenges that they face on a daily basis. The ever-changing work world is forcing businesses to change from "this is the way we have always done it" to "new and improved". However, "new and improved" takes time and commitment that is not always readily available. tooluru helps the business community by providing a marketplace to share their creative solutions and insights with one another.

Our Story

tooluru was founded by two professionals who realized the need for the business community to exchange their creative solutions. An online marketplace was the obvious solution. While working as consultants it was found that business people were constantly asking where to find "a spreadsheet for this" or a "template for that"? The answer to these questions was never readily available until tooluru was created. Connecting business people to a community of Business Tools allows them to perform better at their jobs by spending less time creating from scratch.

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We are the founders of tooluru; we are entrepreneurs who are seeking to create an exciting e-commerce platform to buy and sell Business Tools


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People are constantly asking for various Business Tools to solve problems that they didn't have the resources to solve; they are willing to pay for a tool that works


Our goal is to build a marketplace where professionals can share their proven tools with those looking for help

We will do this by:


Creating a market for knowledge sharing


Starting with something and making it better – not starting from scratch


Leveraging leading practices and conventions


Using proven Tools built by the industry for the industry


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People build specialized Tools to solve their everyday and complex business problems; highly effective Tools often sit idly in a folder or on a flash drive after they're used